Elbow sprain symptoms and effective treatment

Elbow sprain symptoms

Elbow sprain symptoms are typically pain, soreness and redness in the elbow joint. You may be experiencing pain in the elbow following an accident through playing sport or via some other kind of trauma.

There are three types of elbow sprain ranging from mild grade 1 through to severe which is a grade 3. The first one is over extension of the elbow, where the elbow gets bent backwards above and beyond its normal range of movement which can cause a sprain.

The second one is a deviation trauma where you get an impact or force which pushes the elbow either outwards or inwards.

The last type of sprain is a rotation trauma where excessive rotation at the elbow causes the connective tissues to strain. Often they occur during sport, so maybe a fall off a bicycle or falling over.

Elbow sprain symptoms

Elbow sprain symptoms are very painful as you might imagine. They can produce redness and soreness and even a feeling of heat in the joint. There may be some referred pain down into the arm or the wrist and in some cases even up the arm towards the shoulder and neck.

Complications of an elbow injury

It’s important to get the elbow injury back to full health as quickly as possible and avoid any scar tissue accumulating in the joint which will stop you from moving properly throughout the full range of movement. By making sure there’s no scar tissue left behind in the elbow joint we can be confident of restoring normal movement again.

Generally, an elbow sprain is not serious but they are very painful and very debilitating so if you need to use your elbows and your arms a lot (which most of us do) then it can cause you significant inconvenience too.

Treatment for elbow sprains

If you want more information on treating an Elbow sprain then get your symptoms assessed first with our pain assessment tool.

Once you’ve identified the likely cause you’ll be able to download a treatment guide. It will tell you everything you need to know on how to treat an elbow sprain, manage the pain effectively and help prevent re-injury.

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