Epicondylitis causes pain on either the inside or the outside of the elbow. (Pain on the inside is commonly known as ‘golfers elbow’ and pain on the outside is known as ‘tennis elbow’).

Epicondylitis occurs when the muscles in the forearm are overused causing the point where they attach to the elbow to become irritated, painful and sore.

Despite being associated with sport, any occupation or activity involving repetitive movements of the hands or wrists can lead to the development of epicondylitis.


The following symptoms are associated with epicondylitis:

  • Pain which is worse during or after exercise but easier with rest.
  • Pain when the sides of the elbow are pressed or touched.
  • Tight or tender muscles in the forearm below the elbow.
  • Difficulty gripping, lifting or carrying everyday objects.


Epicondylitis is not a serious condition but tends to get worse over time if left untreated.

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How to treat Epicondylitis

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