Neck Erector Spinae Strain

Neck Erector Spinae Strain (whiplash) involves damage to the muscles, ligaments or connective tissues in the neck.

This may take the form of an over stretch, muscle tear, or rupture which causes inflammation and pain into the affected area.

In some cases, the injury may go unnoticed at the time. Pain may not to be felt until the following day once inflammation and swelling has accumulated in the tissues.


The following symptoms are associated with erector spinae strain:

  • Acute pain with possible radiating symptoms into the head or shoulders.
  • Onset maybe immediate or 24-48 hours afterwards.
  • Tenderness at the point of injury with some localised swelling.
  • Some associated neck stiffness, headache or backache.


In most cases erector spinae strains of the neck are not serious. However, they can result in stiffness and reduced mobility if left untreated.

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How to treat neck Erector Spinae Strain

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Neck Erector Spinae Strain treatment advice

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