The iPhysio treatment advice is designed for use on the go, meaning convenient physiotherapy is always available at your fingertips. The treatment guides display on mobiles, tablets and desktop computers and work on the latest iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems. Further help and support is available below.


After purchasing your treatment guide you will be presented with a receipt for your purchase where you can download a format of your choice. Currently they are available in two formats:

  1. ePub – The technical standard for electronic publishing, these work on a number of devices although you may need to download software or an App to read these files. ePub formats allow for a richer reading experience, with legibility options, the ability to search content and bookmark pages. ePub files are generally supported on the latest operating systems only. If you are using an older device or operating system please refer to the fallback option (PDF). For more information on the ePub format see Wikipedia.
  2. PDF – The fallback option for those who can’t access the ePub files. PDF files are independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. They provide a fixed layout and have restricted options around usability. For more information see Wikipedia.

eBook readers

Most Apple devices come with iBooks which supports the ePub format. There are also plenty of other readers available on the Mac App Store including the Gumroad App. The Windows operating system has a range of free options some of which are outlined here. The Google Play Store has readers available for the Android operating system including the Gumroad App.

Future support

We are currently working on support for the Kindle operating system. Please check back soon for further updates on this.