Ankle Collateral Ligament Sprain

Ankle Collateral ligament sprain involves damage to the connective tissue and ligaments surrounding the ankle.

They are nearly always traumatic in origin and caused by the joint being stretched beyond its normal range of movement.

Predictably many sprains occur during sport, or during activities which result in a fall, collision or awkward landing.


The following symptoms are associated with a collateral ligament sprain:

  • Swelling, redness and heat around the affected area.
  • Pain when attempting to move the foot or weight bare.
  • Pulsatile throbbing and numbness into the foot, ankle and toes.
  • Bruising around the foot, ankle and sometimes the knee.


Collateral ligament sprains in most cases are not serious. However, without treatment the ligaments often become weak which increases the likelihood of repeating the injury in the future.

Our ankle Collateral Ligament Sprain treatment information is a comprehensive rehabilitation guide to treat the condition simply and effectively at home.

How to treat ankle Collateral Ligament Sprain

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Collateral Ligament Sprain treatment advice

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