Wrist Sprain

A wrist sprain involves damage to the connective tissue and ligaments that stabilise the joints of the hand and wrist.

They are nearly always traumatic in origin and caused by the joint being stretched beyond its normal range of movement.

Wrist sprains often accompany fractures so you should seek medical advice and have an x-ray before commencing rehabilitation.


The following symptoms are associated with a wrist sprain:

  • Immediate pain on and around the injury site.
  • Redness, swelling and bruising.
  • Loss of grip strength and an inability to move the hand, wrist and fingers.
  • Pulsatile throbbing, numbness or pins and needles into the fingers.


Wrist sprains in most cases are not serious. However, without treatment recovery times are long and the risk of re-injury is high.

Our Wrist Sprain treatment information is a comprehensive rehabilitation guide to treat the condition simply and effectively at home.

How to treat a Wrist Sprain

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