Cervical Facet Syndrome

Cervical facet syndrome is a painful condition caused when one or more of the small joints in the neck become irritated.

Because the facet joints are made up of a number of structures including disc, bone, cartilage and connective tissue, any number of these components may be affected.

Likewise, it is estimated that up to 65% of all neck pain occurs within cervical facet joints. Pain often begins in one specific area and consequently spreads into the surrounding muscles and shoulders over time.


The following symptoms are associated with cervical facet syndrome:

  • A constant toothache type pain which is sharp on movement.
  • Pain and stiffness which is worse in the morning or similarly after sitting for long periods.
  • Guarding or spasm which makes all movements of the neck painful.
  • Finally, a feeling of weakness in the muscles of the shoulder or arm.


Cervical Facet Syndrome can become a recurring problem if left untreated.

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How to treat Cervical Facet Syndrome

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Cervical Facet Syndrome treatment advice

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